Problem ?

Quick fixes

Here are some quick fixes to common issues:

None of those helped. What now ?

Check that you're using the latest version of MultiBit (0.5.18) using the "About" menu in MultiBit. Follow the upgrade instructions if necessary.

I'm using 0.5.18 and it's still happening. What now ?

MultiBit provides comprehensive help both here on the website and on other sites:

  1. Read through the MultiBit help (if you have not done so already).
  2. Look through the Bitcoin Stack Exchange site.
  3. Search previous MultiBit issues because someone else has almost certainly been in the same situation.

There are lots of support resources online to help you use MultiBit. Just a little bit of searching in Google will often resolve the problem.

I'm the first person to have this problem! What now ?

OK, you should file an Issue. Use the approach below to get the fastest response from the support team:

  1. Copy the following text:
      Bug report
      Operating System:
      MultiBit Version:
      Steps to replicate the problem:
  2. Re-visit the MultiBit Issue reporting center
  3. Click on the "New Issue" button.
  4. Paste the template text and fill it in for your computer. The more detail you can give the quicker we can address the problem. Screenshots are often very useful but be sure to hide any sensitive information since they will be public.

Help contents for all versions

You can access the MultiBit help as follows:

Download v0.5.18

Windows installer ~8.5MB Signature
Compatible with Windows 2000 - Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
Mac OS X installer ~7.2MB Signature
Universal disk image (DMG). Compatible with Mac OS X Intel 10.3-10.8.
Linux / Unix installer ~7.6MB Signature

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Installers are signed with the PGP key 0x23F7FB7B (a subkey of 0x79F7C572)

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